One of the oldest techniques for healing around the globe is massage therapy. Ancient civilizations such as China, Egypt and India employed massage to boost well-being and health. Massage is extensively used to promote health and wellness across the world including Japan. With more people seeking alternative therapies for different illnesses, massage is increasing in importance within Western societies. Oriental massage has also become very well-known.

Shiatsu is a new pseudoscience version of Japanese massage that is based on ideas drawn from traditional Chinese medicine . It involves the application and application of pressure using the gentle circulation of currents. Shiatsu, popularized by Tokujiro Naikoshi in the early 20th century incorporates some of the same concepts as Acupuncture. It is believed that specific parts of one's energy, or chi are not functioning properly. Chi can be restored by gently massaging those areas. This is also referred to as Tui Na (massage-in-the-air) or Zai Na ("chi in the water").

Shiatsu massage aims to relieve tension and other causes of discomfort. It is thought that by applying pressure to these areas to improve the flow and quality of vital energy is enhanced. This can reduce pain. Some other theories suggest that there's a balance among various chemicals in the body which can be eliminated through massage. All of these claims are plausible, but there is no evidence from a medical perspective for any of these claims.

Reflexology refers to a therapy that is built on traditional Chinese theories of healing. The body has many energy centers that are directly connected to the glands and organs. It is believed that by stimulating the correct energy centers, problems can be solved in these areas. For example, when an individual is suffering from constant pain in her feet, reflexology may treat the feet itself as well as treating the pain.

Prenatal massage is a great option for pregnant women. It is done using slow, gentle pressure on the abdomen in order to facilitate the development of a healthy birth. Although it may not reduce the weight of the premature baby however, it can assist in helping the mother-tobe relax, which allows her to shift her mind into different experiences. In many cases, labor pains can be eased by this method. Furthermore, it offers the perfect opportunity for bonding with your mother child.

Massage therapy can sometimes be accompanied by oil massage to improve the experience. There are a wide variety of oils that can be used in massage therapy, some more effective than others. The most popular oils are eucalyptus Basil and rosemary. Some massage therapists prefer to mix different essential oils in each session, though one concentrate oil might be all that is needed for one client.

Clothes are comfortable and help reduce distraction. However, the cloth may affect a massage therapist's ability to access the back of the client's muscles and to stimulate the correct points. If a massage therapist is covered, they is able to locate the back muscles quickly and apply pressure with their hands, and move them in the right direction. A cloth also provides the client with a sense of security. Clothes hamper movement and block the full relaxation of muscles.

Although massages can seem unpersonal, it is not. Prenatal massages should not be administered unless the client is fully clothed or wearing the lingerie. Even though a massage therapist might not like to have a client naked however, it could result in distrust in the therapist as well and in the massage therapy session.